Jewish Remembrance Week Görlitz 2021

November 4-9, 2021

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About the week…

Jews first arrived in Görlitz nearly a thousand years ago but were persecuted, murdered or forced to flee during two periods of settlement. After being expelled from Görlitz in 1396, Jews were banned from living there again until 1847. Between 1847 and 1930s, the Görlitz Jewish community thrived and prospered. Then, in 1933 life for Jews in Görlitz became perilous. By 1940, this Jewish community was no more; all had either fled or were murdered as a result of Nazi atrocities.

The events taking place November 4 to 9 2021 will celebrate the vibrant former Jewish community of Görlitz, highlighting the accomplishments of members, their businesses, their families and synagogue as well as the horrific persecution meted out during the Nazi era. Descendants of this former Jewish community will be communing in Görlitz from all over the world for the very first Jewish Remembrance Week Görlitz- the largest gathering of Jewish descendants in Görlitz since their community was destroyed by the Third Reich more than 80 years ago.

On November 5,  German artist Gunter Demnig will be laying 15 new stolpersteine. Twelve memorial stones will be placed in Görlitz and three will be placed in Zgorzelec- Görlitz’s Polish sister city on the eastern side of the Neiße River. The following days will feature a showing of Martin Goldsmith’s award winning film, “Winterreise”- with Mr. Goldsmith in attendance; a book launch for “The Poesie Book of Eva Goldberg”- the story of a little Jewish girl from Görlitz who was friends with Anne Frank; as well as the first ever memorial trip by a group of Jewish descendants to the ruins of the Tormersdorf Concentration Camp. The programs will also shine a light on the lives of those who survived as refugees to other lands and will feature a world-renowned panel of experts on the Kindertransports that saved three young Jewish Görlitzers.

The Jewish Week of Remembrance Görlitz 2021 will include talks by survivors and their children, lectures by renowned historians, films, photo exhibits and discussions all with an eye to carrying the lessons of this legacy forward to offer hope and humanity to the many humanitarian crises we face today.

We want to wish a special thank you to these sponsors: Thomas W Ostrander

Jessica Broitman Foundation

Honoring the legacy….

Finding hope in our history….

Mourning the loss.


Lauren Leiderman, Kulturbüro Görlitz

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