Special Film Screening of “Winterreise”

When: November 6, 2021

Place: Camillo kino

First Showing: 16:00

Second Showing: 20:30

Special Film Screening of Winterreise

an evening with Martin Goldsmith and Anders Østergaard

About the Event:

Join us for a remarkable evening with Martin Goldsmith and Anders Østergaard at the Camillo Kino where we will be showing their film “Winterreise” accompanied by discussion with both men. Martin Goldsmith knew little about the past of his Jewish parents. The renowned American radio presenter for NPR only knew that they lived in Nazi Germany before World War II and fled from there, while the rest of their relatives died. In this film, Goldsmith reconstructs the story of his parents through his personal recorded conversations he shared with his father, which are reenacted in this docu-drama. Bruno Ganz is featured in the role of Martin’s father. The life of his parents is put together like a puzzle in front of Goldsmith’s eyes, which is also visible to the audience through the use of edited archive material …

The film is based on Martin Goldsmith’s book “The Inextinguishable Symphony. Music and love in the shadow of the Third Reich – a German-Jewish story ”.

**The film is both in German and English language with subtitles alternating for both.

Link to Martin’s book on which the film is based: https://www.amazon.de/Inextinguishable-Symphony-Story-Music-Germany/dp/0471350974


The American radio presenter Martin Goldsmith did not know for a long time what his parents were going through before they escaped from Hitler-ruled Germany in 1941. But one weekend he confronts his father Georg and brings back so many memories from the 1930s, but also the guilt of a survivor.

Martin’s parents were both talented musicians. But after 1935 they were no longer allowed to work as Jews in National Socialist Germany – or only as members of a propaganda organization controlled by the Nazis, the “Jewish Cultural Association”. With the help of archive material from this time and re-enacted scenes in which Bruno Ganz played Martin’s father Georg Goldsmith, the documentary Winterreise takes you back to this time. In the end, the result is not only a film, but also a book for Martin Goldsmith about the eventful family history. 

Film Trailer: